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New York State Wallet

NYS Wallet is a secure & accessible mobile app that holds State-issued digital passes, licenses, & records in one convenient place

What is New York State Wallet?

Building on the successes of Excelsior Pass and Excelsior Pass Plus - a secure, digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record or negative test result - New York State Wallet is a safe, secure and free mobile application available in more than 10 languages. From trustworthy vaccination credentials to visiting NY State Parks, NYS Wallet provides one convenient place to add State-issued digital passes, licenses, and records for quick and easy access.

NYS Wallet strengthens New York’s commitment to transform the way it delivers services to its residents and visitors with modern, accessible and innovative technology.  

New York is dedicated to continuing its digital journey, with more passes, licenses and records to come!
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Security & Privacy
Your data is private and secure. Your personal data will not be used for sales or marketing purposes or shared with a third party, other than for the sole purpose of validating your passes.